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Mira Romaine was a Human woman who served Starfleet as a science officer during the 23rd century.


In 2269, Romaine, a lieutenant, was assigned to supervise an equipment transfer to Memory Alpha that was carried out by the USS Enterprise. Early in the mission, her first deep space assignment, she developed a romantic relationship with Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott, the ship's chief engineer. Soon after, non-corporeal entities from the planet Zetar II attempted to take control of Romaine's mind and body. The Zetarians were driven out and destroyed after Romaine was placed in a pressure chamber, where atmospheric pressures greater than the entities could survive freed her of their influence. She then began her tour of duty at Memory Alpha. (TOS episode & Star Trek 6 novelization: The Lights of Zetar)

Following her being cleared for duty at Memory Alpha, Starfleet assigned a young Vulcan named Simus to assist Romaine in dealing with her exposure to the Zetarians and to monitor her for any aftereffects. Using what he had learned from Romaine (and others), Simus helped establish what would eventually be named the Mira Romaine Center for Rehabilitation and Reintegration at Betazed Station 4. Simus and his staff went on to treat several Starfleet officers whose minds were formerly controlled by other species. (TNG novel: Takedown)

Later in 2269, Mira was posted to the USS Rainbow Warrior. She served a short time there, then took a three-month course at the Vulcan Academy. She joined the Memory Prime implementation team, and was assigned as the Chief Technician of the facility. Chief Technician Romaine was instrumental in the identification and apprehension of an attempted assassin, tr'Nele, on Memory Prime.

Mira discovered that she had the ability to directly communicate with the synthetic consciousnesses, the Pathfinders, without the need for a circuit-based interface. Lieutenant Commander Spock postulated that her ability to dissociate her mind from her body in this way was the reason the Zetarians were drawn to her. (TOS novel: Memory Prime)

While serving at Memory Alpha, Mira met and fell in love with visiting Captain Morgan Bateson of the USS Bozeman. They married sometime prior to 2276, when Montgomery Scott came to visit so they could both move on with their lives. Discovering Mira's marriage, Scott fought with Bateson. Though Bateson was Scott's superior, and could have made a case of it, he let the incident slide for Mira's sake.

By 2278, Romaine felt she had accomplished all she could at her post, and was ready to pass it on to someone else. She and Bateson were thinking about settling down and starting a family at the conclusion of the Bozeman's survey mission in the Typhon Expanse. When the ship disappeared with all hands, Romaine was devastated. She waited for Bateson long after Starfleet declared his ship lost, and remained at her post on Memory Alpha because she believed that's where he could come looking for her. (TOS short story: "Ancient History")

By 2286, she had risen to the rank of captain and was the chief archivist of the Memory Alpha project. That year, she arranged a live subspace link between the Memory Alpha computers and the USS Enterprise-A, as part of a clandestine effort between members of Starfleet, the Romulan Star Navy, and Klingon Defense Force to defeat a group of malevolent creatures who had killed many members of each organization over the preceding decades. She joined Captain James T. Kirk aboard the Enterprise for the duration of the unauthorized mission. (TOS comic: "Debt of Honor")

Mira remarried in 2291, almost thirteen years after Bateson's disappearance. She passed away sometime prior to 2368. (TOS short story: "Ancient History")


The Romaine Center for Rehabilitation and Reintegration remained in operation throughout the 24th century, and assisted many individuals in their recoveries. (TNG novel: Takedown)

In 2370, the temporally-displaced Scott and Bateson met, and fought over Mira again. Afterwards, they shared their stories with each other, and Scott relayed to Bateson the details of Mira's life after his disappearance. The two men found catharsis and reconciled; after Scott repaired Bateson's ship, they traveled to Earth together to find Mira's grave and say goodbye. (TOS short story: "Ancient History")

By 2371, Scott renamed his "loaned" shuttlecraft Goddard the Romaine in Mira's honor. (TNG novel: Crossover)

Starfleet service record[]

location assignment dates rank or rate assignment insignia rank insignia
USS Enterprise science officer (temporary assignment) 2268 lieutenant Assignment patch. Sleeve rank.
Memory Alpha archive specialist Assignment patch.
USS Rainbow Warrior unknown 2269 Assignment patch.
Memory Prime chief technician Assignment patch.
Memory Alpha chief archivist circa 2286 captain Assignment badge. Shoulder strap rank.
USS Enterprise-A attached personnel (duration of mission only) 2286



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