Mira Romaine was a Human woman who served Starfleet as a science officer during the 23rd century.


In 2269, Romaine, a lieutenant, was assigned to supervise an equipment transfer to Memory Alpha that was carried out by the USS Enterprise. Early in the mission, her first deep space assignment, she developed a romantic relationship with Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott, the ship's chief engineer. Soon after, non-corporeal entities from the planet Zetar II attempted to take control of Romaine's mind and body. The Zetarians were driven out and destroyed after Romaine was placed in a pressure chamber, where atmospheric pressures greater than the entities could survive freed her of their influence. She then began her tour of duty at Memory Alpha. (TOS episode & Star Trek 6 novelization: The Lights of Zetar)

Following her being cleared for duty at Memory Alpha Starfleet assigned a young Vulcan named Simus to assist Romaine in dealing with her exposure to the Zetarians and to monitor her for any aftereffects. Using what he had learned from Romaine and others Simus helped establish what would eventually be named the Mira Romaine Center for Rehabilitation and Reintegration at Betazed Station 4. Simus and his staff would treat a number of Starfleet officers who had been taken control of by alien minds. (TNG novel: Takedown)

By 2286, she had risen to the rank of captain and was the chief archivist of the Memory Alpha project. That year, she arranged a live subspace link between the Memory Alpha computers and the USS Enterprise-A, as part of a clandestine effort between members of Starfleet, the Romulan Star Navy, and Klingon Defense Force to defeat a group of malevolent creatures who had killed many members of each organization over the preceding decades. She joined Captain James T. Kirk aboard the Enterprise for the duration of the unauthorized mission. (TOS comic: "Debt of Honor")

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Starfleet service recordEdit

location assignment dates rank or rate assignment insignia rank insignia
USS Enterprise science officer (temporary assignment) 2268 lieutenant Enterprise sci insignia Blu Lt 2266
Memory Alpha archive specialist from 2268 Starfleet base insignia
chief archivist circa 2286 captain Starfleet 2280s insignia 2270s-2350 service capt
USS Enterprise-A attached personnel (duration of mission only) 2286



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