The Mira Romaine Center for Rehabilitation and Reintegration was a Starfleet Medical facility on Betazed Station 4. Run by the Vulcan Doctor Simus the center specialized in treating individuals who had been the victims of mind control or alien possession.

The center was started in the 2260s after Lieutenant Mira Romaine had been forced to allow Zetarians to inhabit her mind. Doctor Simus - then a young man - was tasked with monitoring and treating Romaine after the Zetarians had been forced from her and she was cleared for duty at Memory Alpha.

Over the next century, Simus and the center specialized in assisting Starfleet officers and other Federation citizens who had become unwilling hosts to alien minds. While many such people quickly recovered from their ordeals, some were so badly affected by their experiences that they had to remain at the center permanently. In order to encourage people to seek treatment, Simus and the upper levels of Starfleet leadership worked hard to ensure that members of Starfleet felt no stigma for seeking treatment and that doing so would not negatively impact their careers.

Both Reginald Barclay and William T. Riker were treated at the center following their experiences with the Cytherians. During his time at the center, Barclay helped the people working at the center develop a diagnostic procedure to use with those individuals who were possessed by Cytherians.

Deanna Troi also sought treatment at the center after the Ux-Mal entities imprisoned on Mab-Bu VI took control of her in 2368. Captain Jean-Luc Picard initially declined to seek treatment at the center following his experiences with the Borg in 2366-2367. He thought that being treated at the center would cause him career difficulties, however he would later discover that not seeking treatment was what led to his career advancement being slowed. After he agreed to be treated at the center, those roadblocks disappeared. (TNG novel: Takedown)

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