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Mirenna Dora was a Federation cultural observer who lived during the 23rd century.

History[edit | edit source]

In 2287, Dora was assigned as a cultural observer to the planet Zuyna. During her time there, she befriended a B'Tin named B'Non, and brought him to the Zuynan's city to negotiate with them. Dora found out that for the past two years, the B'Tin were forcibly removed from their land so that the Zuynans could mine hawkingite. When B'Non had become too outspoken against the Zuynans, Dora tried to spirit him out of the city. During the escape, Dora was mortally wounded. Before dying, Dora told B'Non to take her identity and wait for the Federation and Starfleet to help him. She then took her phaser and vaporized herself. The Zuynan authorities were unaware that B'Non had taken her identity, but they placed him under house arrest until the USS Enterprise-A arrived. B'Non then revealed himself to Captain James T. Kirk after Dr. Leonard McCoy examined him, exposing his true identity. (TOS comic: "The Price of Admission!")

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