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Mirish was a M class star located in the Kora sector of Zeta Andromedae sector block in the Alpha Quadrant. Mirish Prime was jointly mined by the Cardassian Mining Union and the Federation Miners Union. (STO mission: "Patrol the Mirish System")


Tow mining guilds, a Cardassian and a Federation one, jointly undertook a mining operation in the system after the Dominion War. However, the CMU had ties with the True Way, and ownership disputes stalled negotiations.

In 2409, True Way and Alpha Jem'Hadar waylaid automated Tuffli-class freighters carrying ore from Mirish Prime. They were discovered when Starfleet dispatched a starship to patrol the system. Starfleet obliterated the Alliance forces, and the freighters resumed their operations. (STO mission: "Patrol the Mirish System")

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