Real-world.png Mirror, Mirror was an expansion CCG set for the Star Trek Customizable Card Game.



Royale Casino: Slots


slots: A USS Enterprise away team became trapped in an illusory world based on the badly written Hotel Royale, a Todd Matthews novel filled with "endless cliche and shallow characters." Show a personnel from hand; if two of its attributes match, win points (if all three, win double points). Otherwise, lose points. (common) (Image from TNG episode: "The Royale")


ISS Constitution


ISS Constitution: Typical battle cruiser of the Terran Empire. Outfitted for a variety of mission profiles, including conquest, domination, subjugation, and Imperial enforcement. (common)








Loreva: Female Klingon representative of medical assistants throughout the Alliance. Sees very few patients, but has assisted in countless interrogations and autopsies. (common) (Image from DS9 episode: "Crossover")


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