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"Mirror Image, Part I" was a Star Trek Online short story by Christine Thompson, appearing in Star Trek Magazine #44. It was an original fiction that focused on Captain Va'Kel Shon of the USS Enterprise-F. It was the first part of a two-parter story.


Captain Shon, at his desk, aboard the Enterprise-F, receives a late-night priority one message from Fleet Admiral Jorel Quinn requesting Shon's personal assistance at Nukara Prime, a planet in conflict and experiencing Iconian-reminiscent subspatial rifts. Quinn explains that Starfleet has recovered and repatriated many crews from the Mirror universe which have been crossing over there and suggests some of them may have vital information; one, in particular, that they need Shon to talk to.

With most of the Enterprise-F's shuttles on a survey mission at Tau Dewa, Shon is reluctant to be joined by Counselor Phillipa Matthias aboard the Captain's yacht Thelasa, after which Shon adds an express condition that there be no "counseling session". They set a course for Nukara Prime sharing complete silence for 9 hours. Aboard the Nova-class USS Morgan, a temporary housing ship for detainees awating transdimensional transport or passage to Earth, Shon meets his mirror duplicate Val Shon, in the Morgan's counselor's office. Cuffed for criminal raids on ships and settlements in both universes, including an attack in the Zibal system and the Cursa system, and refusing to elaborate over answers he had been repeating to his Morgan crew captors, Val pushes Shon into cutting off the room's listening feeds and asking about his wife's mirror universe counterpart, Tress Sha. Val explains, historically, how Tress saved him from execution during their time together aboard the ISS Maximus and that they had lost touch since then. He reveals that because the Maximus was recently taken by Tholians, he crossed over and allowed himself to get captured in order to find her. Val then tells Shon he knows where Tress is, back in the mirror universe, but she doesn't have much time and that he needs Shon to come with him.

Memorable quotes[]

"There have been more crossovers in the past year than there were in the past decade."
Jorel Quinn

"I know where Tress is now, but she doesn't have much time."
Val Shon



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