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The mission to Makus was a mission led by the Starfleet vessel USS Enterprise. (ST video game: Legacy)



In 2270, the conflict between the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire escalated, with the Klingons' new cloaking technology giving them a tactical edge, making them bolder with every victory. In reponse, the Federation Starfleet attempted to make use of the modified cloak that Captain Kirk had procured from the Romulans two years prior with disappointing results as efforts to deploy the technology nearly resulted in the loss of the USS Phoenix. This was especially disappointing as Starfleet Intelligence had located a new Klingon weapons platform in the Kathra system. As the Klingon fleet would detect and intercept Starfleet before they could reach and attack it, Captain Kirk was given command of a small task force to attempt capture of a Klingon prototype vessel which intelligence placed as being built here in the Makus system. Starfleet Intelligence believed that the ship was equipped with a more advanced cloak that even the Klingons could not penetrate. (ST video game: Legacy)

The Mission

The Starfleet outpost Orpheus, positioned at the opposite end of the Makus system, monitored enemy comm traffic in the region and confirmed that the Klingon prototype vessel was indeed located in the system. In anticipation of the mission, Orpheus transmitted a jamming signal which impaired Klingon communications. In addition, their commander alerted Kirk to a series of Klingon outposts in orbit of Makus' planets. Though he was advised to stay clear of them, Kirk suggested that they could be used to Starfleet's advantage; by getting a landing party onbard, the outposts would be commandeered and act as a defensive screen as their forces left the system.

Fighting their way to the Makus shipyards, a Starfleet task force led by the Enterprise found and disabled the impulse drive of the prototype, a B'rel-class Klingon bird-of-prey, which was then captured by a tractor beam, the sheering force of which was within parameters. While the Klingon vessel was in tow, Kirk found it to be slow going. With multiple enemy ships converging on their position, the Starfleet task force found themselves severely outnumbered and were forced into a fighting retreat. Ultimately, the Enterprise successfully made it to Orpheus with the bird-of-prey. (ST video game: Legacy)


With the bird-of-prey captured by Starfleet, Captain Kirk was sent to take the vessel on a mission behind Klingon lines in order to gather more detailed information on the weapons platform that the Klingons were building in the Kathra system while Starfleet mobilised a strike force to destroy the platform, which was believed to be a first strike weapon of devastating power which the Klingons intended to use against Federation bases. (ST video game: Legacy)



This event functions as the sixth mission of the stock campaign in the video game Star Trek: Legacy. As the experience varies according to gameplay, certain details of the event may remain unclear. First and foremost, depending both on personal choice and command points achieved, a player may select anywhere from 0 to 3 additional Starfleet vessels, potentially even choosing to retain vessels from previous eras, to join the "hero" ship, in this case the Enterprise.


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