Subcommander Mivek was a female Romulan Star Navy officer in the early 25th century. By 2409, Mivek was affiliated with the Unification movement and commanded the bird-of-prey starship IRW M'sarr. (STO mission: "Azure Nebula Rescue") She also served as the Unification liaison to allied ships, i.e. the Starfleet and Klingon Defense Force support in the Tau Dewa sector block. (STO video game: )


Before the abduction of Empress Sela, Subcommander Mivek served with the Romulan 6th Fleet. (STO mission: "Cutting the Cord") Afterwards, command structure became clouded and Mivek decided to support the Unification movement, led by D'Tan. (STO video game: )

In 2409, Mivek served as Romulan advisor for the Starfleet science vessel USS Huxley, which conducted a survey of the Tau Dewa sector block to help the Unification movement find a new homeworld for the Romulans and Remans. Captain James Wells noted his good working relationship with Mivek. (Star Trek Online: Season 7 Dev Blog #13)

In command of the M'sarr, Subcommander Mivek coordinated the combined Stafleet-KDF rescue effort of Romulan starships captured by the Tholian Assembly in the Azure Nebula. (STO mission: "Azure Nebula Rescue")



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