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Wrecked mixer truck in 2063.

A mixer truck was a type of self-propelled vehicle for ground transportation. It was a subtype of trucks, differentiated by the rotating drum attached at the rear. (STO - Legacy mission: "One Night in Bozeman")

History and specifications[]

A type of dump truck in use by Humans on Earth in the mid-21st century larger than other groundcars, to enable keeping payloads. The drum carried concrete for construction purposes, kept liquid by constant rotation. The truck was controlled from the passenger compartment situated between the drum and the engine compartment at the vehicle's front end. The passenger compartment could seat two, side by side. Usually, the driver sat on the left, behind the driver's wheel. The truck moved across the ground on rubber-shod wheels.

In April 2063, just before Humans broke the warp barrier in Bozeman, Montana on Earth, a six-wheeled mixer truck lay abandoned in a quarry adjacent to the Phoenix launch complex. When temporally displaced Borg established a base near the complex on April 04, they infected it, a dump truck and a minivan car with nanoprobes. The mixer truck was turned into the second power relay for a Borg signal tower. A power cable led from the tower through the minivan into the truck. The truck was kept stationary, with Borg technology encrusting the truck's right half.

When agents led by Seven of Nine arrived at the scene, they disabled the power relays and eliminated the Borg presence, then Seven used her own nanoprobes to remove the Borg technology. (STO - Legacy mission: "One Night in Bozeman")