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Mizar, also known as Zeta Ursae Majoris, was a quinary star system, located in the Mizar sector of the galaxy's Alpha Quadrant, in or near the boundaries of the space claimed by the United Federation of Planets. From Earth, which was 88 light-years away, Mizar was part of the Ursa Major constellation. Mizar had five type A light-blue stars locked in orbit. This system was in the general vicinity of 13 Ceti, Mu Cassiopeiae, and Alioth. Mizar II was the Mizarian homeworld, and Mizar IV the site of a Federation colony (ST reference: Star Charts, STO video game: Agents of Yesterday)

In TNG video game: Birth of the Federation, the orbital configuration of the game map star systems was randomly generated each time a new game started. Neither were any history or specifics are established for this location in Starfleet Command III, as its name was arbitrarily selected for a Federation system on the game map by the game software, with random attributes.

System makeup[]

Mizar A (type A light-blue star, primary)



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