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Doctor Mlany H. Rdal was a 23rd century Njuran woman. She was a leading scientist in advanced physics, electrobionics and ion drive propulsion.

Rdal was known to President Kring and professor Ksantha. She was an expert in Unified Field Theory and the engineering principles of nuclear reactors.


In 2270, due to her varied background, Kring asked Rdal to provide a tour for members of the Federation starship USS Enterprise. Unknown to her, Kring and his advisors conspired to discredit Spock so he would not discover their secret military buildup. After incidents at a nuclear reactor and meteorology station made a fool of Rdal and Spock, James T. Kirk helped her save face by sending Spock back to the Enterprise.

The next day, she escorted Kirk and Leonard McCoy to a parade and gala for Njura's tenth anniversary of disarmament. Later, when Spock exposed the conspiracy, he confessed that it might have succeeded had someone as brilliant as Rdal planned it. (TOS comic: "To Err Is Vulcan")