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Mobile, or Cellular phones and PDAs are small hand held computing and communications devices.

To date there have been three Star Trek video games developed for numerous Mobile and PDA devices, as well as various other apps, or applications.

Star Trek Mobile and PDA Games

Title Publisher Developer Released Box art
Rivals Elephant Mouse Elephant Mouse May 2013
The Mobile Game Electronic Arts CBS Mobile & Bad Robot Interactive May 2009 Title screen image.
The Birds of Prey Jumbuck Corporation Jumbuck Corporation January 2005 Title screen image.
The Cold Enemy Jumbuck Corporation Jumbuck Corporation December 2004 Title screen image.


video game platforms with Star Trek games
Nintendo consoles Nintendo Entertainment SystemGame BoySuper Nintendo Entertainment SystemNintendo DSNintendo Wii
other consoles VectrexAtari 2600ColecoVisionAdam Family Computer SystemPlaystationXbox
other platforms PCMACMobile and PDA