A Modalan male and female in 2266.

The Modalans were a humanoid civilization native to the planet Modala in the Alpha Quadrant. The government was ruled by a senate. There was also fraction known as the Krisaia. (TOS comic: "Tools of Tyranny")


By the 2250s, Modalans had mastered spaceflight, though they had not run into any space faring civilizations. In 2256, the Modalans were being considered for membership in the Federation, but the survey team leader, Lt. James T. Kirk, thought they needed more "seasoning". Sometime after that, during the mid 2260s, the Krisaia faction made a deal with the Ferengi that in exchange for weapons and technology, the Ferengi would take control of the planet. (TOS comic: "A Little Seasoning", TNG comic: "Lies and Legends!")

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