A Model GP-12 All-Terrain Vehicle was a standard all-purpose vehicle that was utilized by the Klingon Empire by the 22nd century. These all-purpose, six wheeled that was used for a wide range of purposes which included acting as light transports, conducting scouting operations, or serving as a command car. In addition to the driver, they were able to hold up to five individuals. Whilst this model of vehicle were unarmed, they did hold three gun slits that allowed their passengers to use their personal weapons if necessary.

The buoyant tires of these vehicles were bulbous in design which allowed them to keep the craft afloat in water. Paddle-like groves allowed the tires to actually move the GP-12 in water and thus served as a method to propel it in such an environment. These all-terrain vehicles were powered by a standard Klingon fusion engine. (FASA RPG module: Star Fleet Intelligence Manual)

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