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"Moist Vessel" is the 4th episode of the first season of Lower Decks.

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Captain Freeman seeks the ultimate payback after Mariner blatantly disrespects her in front of the crew. A well-meaning Tendi accidentally messes up a lieutenant's attempt at spiritual ascension and tries to make it right.

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Beckett MarinerBrad BoimlerD'Vana TendiSam RutherfordCarol FreemanJack RansomShaxsT'AnaO'Connor (Lieutenant)Andy BillupsBarnes (Ensign)Durangounnamed USS Cerritos personnel (USS Cerritos personnel)

Starships and vehicles[edit | edit source]

USS Cerritos (California-class) • USS Merced (California-class) • Generation Ship

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Temporal Edict
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Temporal Edict
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