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This character is a member of Mackenzie Calhoun's family.

Moke was the adopted son of Starfleet Captain Mackenzie Calhoun. Calhoun adopted Moke after the death of Moke's mother, Rheela. (NF - Excalibur novel: Restoration)


Moke adapted surprisingly well to starship life after leaving his homeworld with Calhoun. He joined Calhoun on the new Excalibur as his adopted son and was given the rank of Ensign junior grade, and the responsibility of taking care of Doctor Selar and Commander Burgoyne 172's overactive son Xy.

Moke's natural father was one of the Beings known as Zeus. It is currently unknown if Moke inherited any of his natural father's abilities, but it seems likely. Zeus disapproves of the boy's name, preferring "Thor". (NF novels: Being Human, Gods Above)

By the age of 14 Moke had was still living on the Excalibur with his father but their relationship had got worst and they barely talked to eachother, to make things worse he had developed a form of abandonment syndrome since he felt that everybody that he had ever loved had left him behind.

After the genocide of the Xenexian people, in the effort of cheering up his father, he created a holographic representation of his hometown of Calhoun, this deeply moved his father and fixed their relationship. (NF - The Returned novel: Part 1)


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