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Molan lek Xav was a male Tellarite who served as an officer in Starfleet in the 23rd century.


From at least the year 2266 to 2269, he held the rank of lieutenant, and served as science officer aboard the starship USS Lovell. (SCE eBooks: Foundations, Book Two, Where Time Stands Still; VAN novel: Reap the Whirlwind)

In 2269, after the destruction of the Lovell, Xav and many of the crew were reassigned to Starbase 11. Later that year, he agreed to serve a temporary transfer aboard the USS Aephas, a Miranda-class science vessel, as Chief Science Officer under Commander Mahmud al-Khaled, while their detachment from the Corps of Engineers awaited permanent reassignment to a new vessel. (Seekers novel: All That's Left)



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