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Molly hologram

Hologram of Molly in 2372.

Molly or Mollie was a dog, an Irish setter which was kept by Starfleet Captain Kathryn Janeway as a pet in the early 2370s.

Janeway rescued Molly from a dog pound on the planet Taurus Ceti IV even though Molly was the runt of the litter as Janeway thought she "had spunk". (VOY episode: "Shattered")

When Janeway shipped out aboard the USS Voyager in 2371, she left Molly in the care of her fiancé, Mark Johnson. Following Voyager's disappearance in the Badlands, Johnson continued to care for Molly. Shortly after, Molly had a litter of puppies. (VOY episodes: "Caretaker", "Hunters")

In 2372, Neelix and Tom Paris created a picnic holodeck program with a hologram of Molly. (VOY comic: "The Storm")

Mark cared for Molly throughout Voyager's seven years in the Delta Quadrant. As Mark had been her master for most of her life, Janeway allowed him to keep her once Voyager returned home in 2378. (VOY novel: Homecoming)

Alternate timelineEdit

In an alternate timeline in which the Cardassian Union did not withdraw from Bajor in 2369 and Voyager was not sent to the Delta Quadrant in 2371, Molly was still cared for by Janeway's husband Johnson in 2373. In that year, she had veterinary treatment to remove a growth that had developed on her snout. (TNG - Myriad Universes novel: A Gutted World)

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