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Moments Asunder is the first novel in the Star Trek: Coda trilogy by author Dayton Ward, due for release on 28 September 2021.


Starfleet's finest faces a challenge unlike any other.
Tomorrow is doomed.
Time is coming apart. Countless alternate and parallel realities are under attack, weakening and collapsing from relentless onslaught. If left unchecked, the universe faces an unstoppable descent toward entropy.
Wanderer, oracle, ally.
Scarred and broken after decades spent tracking this escalating temporal disaster while battling the nameless enemy responsible for it, an old friend seeks assistance from Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the starship Enterprise. The apocalypse may originate from their future, but might the cause lie in their past?
Everything that will be.
Identifying their adversary is but the first step toward defeating them, but early triumphs come with dreadful costs. What will the price be to achieve final victory, and how will that success be measured in futures as yet undefined?


USS Enterprise-E.

The crews of Jean-Luc Picard, Benjamin Sisko, Ezri Dax, and William Riker unite to prevent a cosmic-level apocalypse—only to find that some fates really are inevitable.
Reality itself is under attack.
The epic Star Trek: Coda trilogy begins when the unexpected arrival of an old friend triggers a desperate mission to avert a fast-spreading temporal disaster.



USS Aventine personnel[]

Ezri DaxUSS Aventine personnel

USS Enterprise-E personnel[]

Jean-Luc PicardUSS Enterprise-E personnel

USS Titan personnel[]

William T. RikerUSS Titan personnel

Other Starfleet personnel[]

Benjamin SiskoStarfleet personnel (24th century Starfleet personnel)

Starships and vehicles[]

USS Aventine.

USS Aventine (Vesta-class multi-mission explorer) • USS Enterprise-E (Sovereign-class explorer) • USS Titan (Luna-class cruiser)


Deep Space 9.

the galaxy

Science and classification[]

USS Defiant.


Technology and weapons[]


Other references[]

races and culturesscience





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