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The Monarch-class was a type of Federation tanker in service in the 23rd and 24th centuries.


The Monarch-class was commissioned in 2240 and constructed at the Antares Shipyards by the Velosi construction firm of Axanar. It was a common sight along the Federation's trade routes in the 23rd century.

Ships of this class were mostly used by large interstellar concerns, although the Federation Merchant Marine also uses them to supply outlying colonies and Starfleet operates a few of these ships to transport mission-critical fuel supplies.

Monarchs remained in operation into the early 24th century, though now aged and obsolete, and noted as being slow, poorly maintained and unreliable. One example of the class, the Albatross, was still in operation in 2360. (Decipher RPG module: Starships, TLE novel: Catalyst of Sorrows)


These vessels measured 237 meters in length, 70 meters in width and 111 meters in height, with 3 decks. They had space to carry 460 standard cargo units.

They required a crew of 81, with space for 300 passengers, though with cramped accommodations for all. Fully stocked with supplies, a Monarch could travel 30 days before requiring service.

For propulsion, the Monarch-class had a PB-4 linear warp drive. These enabled a Monarch carrying cargo to sustain Warp factor 4 and go a little over Warp 6 for short durations when required. The SBE impulse engines were capable of sub-light speeds of up to 0.5c. The impulse thrusters were placed directly aft. The ship was too big for atmospheric flight.

For defense, the Monarch had an old, low-powered PFF 2 deflector shield grid.

These vessels had a class 2 computer operations system, a class 3 life support system, a class 1a sensor system, and 3 tractor beams, one forward and two aft. They were equipped with four standard personnel transporters. (Decipher RPG module: Starships)

Known vessels[]

Monarch-class freighter/class 3 tanker starships
Independently owned/operated AlbatrossMerchantmanSS Silver Isle
Federation, Merchant Marine SS AlgocapeSS Amy RileySS DaishowaSS Imperial AeadiaSS Imperial DartmouthSS Mangal DesaiSS ManitoulinSS MississagiSS Rochelle KayeSS Nordic BlossomSS OmisaijSS RelianceSS Silver IsleSS Soren ToubroSS Stella LykesSS Theodore TooSS Topa Topafictional vessel: SS Kobayashi Maru UFP emblem. Badge of the Merchant Marines.
Federation, Starfleet AlbatrossSS Stella Lykes UFP emblem. Seal of the Federation Starfleet.


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