Monbosh-class battleships were a class of starship used by the Elachi 25th century.[1]


These vessels had a distinctive design that made them a feared sight when the alien Elachi began raiding known space. These fearsome battleships were designed to menace their foes and terrify their opponents even before combat began. Monbosh class starships were equipped with a subspace transceiver that allowed control over unmanned starships that were tasked with repairing the control ship. In terms of armaments, these vessels made use of Crescent Wave Cannons that were designed to knock out enemy shields.[2] (STO website: Elachi Drop Box)


In 2409, Romulan Republic forces launched an offensive against the raiding Elachi. This led to the capture of a S'golth class escort designated "Target Alpha" in order to use it to find the Elachi Base in subspace. Once within their subspace domain, the Romulan infiltrators discovered a fleet of enemy vessels prepared that included dozens of Monbosh-class battleships. After the destruction of the base, this class of enemy vessel participated in the Battle of New Romulus. (STO mission: "Devil's Choice") Monbosh-class starships also attacked Allied forces at the Iconian Gateway in the Jouret system. (STO mission: "Sphere of Influence")



Starship classes of the Elachi
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