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Form of trade involving the use of certain materials considered by all involved parties to be of certain inherent value.

In 1969 Roberta Lincoln carried some spare change in her Peter Max designed handbag. (TOS novel: Assignment: Eternity)

As of the 23rd century, the Federation abandoned the normal use of money, favoring a philosopy of self-enhancement for all. (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home; and Star Trek: First Contact, DS9 episode: "In the Cards")

Despite this, the Federation retained a currency based economic system, involving the use of computer-based "credits". (TOS episode: The Trouble with Tribbles)

By the 24th century, the majority of non-Federation worlds in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants adopted a monetary system backed by gold-pressed latinum. The Federation government eventually adopted an exchange rate between credits and latinum, so as to further encourage free trade between member and non-member worlds.

It is unclear what the exchange rate is between credits and latinum.


Types of currency
materials acta crystalgolddiamondlatinumludugial goldsilver
units bilbokcentcreditdarsekdecimdejebbitdirakdollardroknaducatdukorgalorine credit slipileckernklon peaglaertian dinarleklitanotch-rockprime transfer authorityquatloosaktosousszekett'chaktalontri-esta