For the mirror universe counterpart, see Monor (mirror).

Monor was a male Cardassian gul in the early and mid-24th century. He was the commander of the CDS Sontok. Monor was an experienced Cardassian starship captain, looking forward to his future retirement by 2328. He had seven children and (as of that time) 21 grandchildren.

Gul Monor was often boorish, long-winded, and prone to complaining, but he was an excellent and innovative tactician, repeatedly preventing superior forces from gaining a decisive advantage over him. Even at that early stage of contact with the Federation, Monor was familiar with several of the Federation's major species (for example, he thought that Humans, Vulcans and Betazoids had some manners, but Tellarites were another story...).

In his long career, Gul Monor led the Cardassian campaign against the Lissepians, broke a Ferengi privateer ring in the Septimus system, and destroyed Orion pirates at Quinor. In 2328 he commanded the Sontok on a survey mission. At Raknal V the mission not only found a world suitable for colonization rich in needed zenite, it also discovered the wreckage of a Klingon ship from the legendary Fleet of Ch'gran. In the subsequent battle with Klingon forces, the Sontok was the only Cardassian ship to survive.

After negotiations aboard the USS Carthage, Gul Monor was made governor of the Cardassian colony on Raknal V. He remained the governor throughout the following eighteen years of antagonism with the Klingons, and continued to serve in that post after the withdrawl of the Klingon colony in 2346.

Monor planned to build a retirement retreat on property he selected on Raknal V. (TLE novel: The Art of the Impossible)


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