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For the primary universe counterpart, see Montgomery Scott.

In the mirror universe, Montgomery Scott was a Terran engineer, best known for his service as chief engineer of the ISS Enterprise and ISS Enterprise-A.


Scott was a harsh taskmaster, as evidenced by the fact that his engineering department had the highest rate of turnover on the Enterprise. (CCG set: Mirror, Mirror)

In 2267, Scott was a member of a landing party to Halka. When beamed up during a magnetic ion storm, Scott was accidentally transported to the regular universe, along with the rest of the party. After being beamed to the USS Enterprise, he and his mirror universe colleagues were detained in the Enterprise brig by Spock until they could be returned to their own universe. (TOS episode & Star Trek 3 novelization: Mirror, Mirror)

Later events

Several versions of mirror history exist where Scott's history diverges from his only canon appearance in "Mirror, Mirror".

Dark Victory continuity

Upon returning to his own milieu, the mirror Kirk's paranoia grew, leading him to execute many of his closest subordinates as traitors. Scott was hanged outside Starfleet Command Headquarters in 2267 alongside Leonard McCoy, Janice Rand, Willard Decker, Jabilo M'Benga, David Garrovick and Marlena Moreau, with ghastly photos of the purge proudly displayed by Kirk in his Iowa bunker. (ST novel: Dark Victory)

Star Trek: Mirror Universe continuity

In 2267, Scott was accused of the brutal murders of three women on Argelius II. However, Captain James T. Kirk ensured that the charges disappeared almost immediately.

As in the primary universe, the murders were presumably committed by Redjac while in control of Scott's body.

He continued to serve aboard the Enterprise, eventually rising to the position of first officer following Spock's assassination of Kirk only days after the landing party returned from the primary universe. Michael DeSalle succeeded him as chief engineer. Scott was never very happy as executive officer, feeling that he left engineering in less capable hands, often times supervising work in engineering from the bridge. In 2268, he plotted with Leonard McCoy and Nyota Uhura to remove Spock from command. However, he abandoned these plans after he and McCoy saw Uhura disappear with a flash of light, having been disintegrated by the Tantalus field, only moments after announcing that she planned to kill Spock herself.

Scott had expected to supervise the refit of Enterprise in 2270, but was upset to discover that Grand Admiral Matthew Decker had placed his son Willard Decker in charge of the refit. However, he remained on board to assist Decker in the refit. Scott was pleased when Admiral Spock returned to command the Enterprise a year later, after its refit. Scott confided to Spock that he did not trust Decker as captain. When Spock expressed his regrets that he couldn't make Scott executive officer again, Scott said that he didn't really care for the job and that he belonged in engineering. Scott would remain on Enterprise through at least 2287, having served aboard the Enterprise longer and under more captains than anyone else. (TOS - Mirror Universe novel: The Sorrows of Empire)

The Mirror Universe Saga continuity

By 2285, Scotty maintained his position of chief engineer aboard ISS Enterprise. In this capacity, he participated in an attempted invasion of the counterpart universe. A special energy field was generated by two shuttlecraft and the Enterprise crossed over, attacking Starbase 13 and the USS Excelsior. Scott cursed the tyrannical Kirk under his breath while he operated the apparatus. With the Enterprise damaged in the ensuing intrigue, the mirror crew's senior staff transferred their flag to Excelsior and returned to the mirror universe. Scott was rendered unconscious by Admiral Kirk's senior staff when they retook Excelsior by force, and held in stasis. When Kirk and the Excelsior made their escape from the mirror universe, they left Scott and the others on the shuttlecraft NX-2000/05A, sedated. Upon awakening, the mirror Kirk issued a distress call and the ISS Nogura responded, destroying the shuttle in order to claim the price the Empire had put on Kirk's head. Scott was apparently killed in the blast. (TOS - The Mirror Universe Saga comics: "... Promises to Keep", "Double Image", "The Beginning of the End...")

Three continuity

Scott was one of few Terrans to avoid death or slavery when the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance came to power. By 2333, he served on the crew of the Enterprise-B under Captain John Harriman. He came up with a plan to kidnap Phigus Simenon from the regular universe, although the plan was unsuccessful. (STA novel: Three)

Hell's Mirror continuity

At some point after Spock's betrayal of the empire, Scotty was still serving as the Enterprise's chief engineer. He was killed along with the rest of the crew when the ship was destroyed by Kirk; Kirk had apparently switched to Khan Noonien Singh's cause and was transported to Singh's Bird-of-prey, after which Kirk remotely detonated all the Enterprise's torpedoes. (TOS comic: "Hell's Mirror")



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