For the primary universe counterpart, see Montgomery Scott.

In the mirror universe, Montgomery Scott was the Terran chief engineer of the ISS Enterprise.

Scott was a harsh taskmaster, as evidenced by the fact that his engineering department had the highest rate of turnover on the Enterprise. (Star Trek CCG)

In 2267, Scott was a member of a landing party to Halka. When beamed up during a magnetic ion storm, Scott was accidentally transported to the regular universe, along with the rest of the party. After being beamed to the USS Enterprise, he and his mirror universe colleagues were detained in the Enterprise brig by Spock until they could be returned to their own universe. (TOS episode: "Mirror, Mirror")

Scott continued to serve aboard the Enterprise, eventually rising to the position of executive officer before being replaced in 2271 by Willard Decker. (TOS novel: The Sorrows of Empire)

He was one of few Terrans to avoid death or slavery when the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance came to power. By 2333, he served on the crew of the Stargazer under Captain Ben Zoma. He came up with a plan to kidnap Phigus Simenon from the regular universe, although the plan was unsuccessful. (STA novel: Three)

Mirror Universe Trilogy

Shatner's trilogy establishes that Scott was hung outside Starfleet Command Headquarters in 2267 alongside Leonard McCoy, Janice Rand's mirror counterpart, Willard Decker's mirror counterpart, Jabilo M'Benga's mirror counterpart, David Garrovick's mirror counterpart and Marlena Moreau's mirror counterpart. (ST novel: Dark Victory)

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