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Mor glasch Tev was a Tellarite in Starfleet, and served as second officer aboard the USS da Vinci in the late 2370s.


He was born on Tellar and lived there the first ten years of his life. He and his family then moved to Kharzh'ulla, a Tellarite colony world. He attended Kharzh'ulla University as an engineering major, and while there wrote the definitive study of the planet's orbital ring. However, that paper was stolen by a fellow student, Eevraith. As an off-worlder, he felt he would not be able to challenge Eeraith, so he left the university and went on to attend Starfleet Academy. (SCE eBook: Ring Around the Sky)

In 2371, Tev served aboard the USS Madison, during the Federation effort to repel an invasion by the Furies. The Furies used a fear weapon against the Starfleet ships, causing Tev to have recurring nightmares of his mother's death. (TNG - Invasion! novel: The Soldiers of Fear)

Tev did not appear in The Soldiers of Fear, but the events of this novel were adopted for his backstory in Ring Around the Sky.

In 2376, following the death of Kieran Duffy, Lieutenant Commander Tev was recruited into the Starfleet Corps of Engineers by Montgomery Scott, and assigned to the USS da Vinci. (SCE eBooks: Breakdowns, Aftermath)



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