Morales was the third planet in the Sergane star system, located within Federation space, in the Alpha or the Beta Quadrant. It had one moon and was the site of an Orion Colony.


The native inhabitants of Morales were the Morali, a humanoid race whose civilization was thought to date back to before the Orion War (beginning 94 BCE, or reference stardate −20/9401.03). They were once relatively advanced, but little else was known about them.

At some point, Orions came and settled Morales and drove the Morali into the jungles and wastelands. The Morali forgot their culture and language, and began to live like animals. Some reports even claimed that the Morali were being hunted by the Orion settlers.

Starfleet forces discovered this state of affairs during the Four Years War (circa 2250s). In response, the Federation occupied the world and established a military government to temporarily oversee affairs. The plan was to eventually create a more humane government, but a later relaxation of the Orion Emigration Act in the late 23rd century resulted in increased numbers of Orions settling on the planet, which only complicated the situation. Meanwhile, Morales received weapons and radical Orion politics from the neighboring Colonies of Ing and Zchol, which were already in states of civil war and collapse.

The military administration could do nothing more than slow the social breakdown. The Federation Security Council considered the matter and searched for proposals for social re-engineering, but found little choice but to continue the occupation until either the situation stabilized or collapsed entirely.


In the late 23rd century, Morales remained a military possession under Commodore Milton Ashe and Starfleet administration, which aimed to protect the Morali from Orion exploitation. They watched over the planet's 350 million inhabitants, which increased with an additional influx of 5,000 illegal Orion immigrants every year. Unemployment was high for all of them.

It was formerly a semi-agrarian world, but the rapid population growth resulted in a number of sprawling cities with poor urban planning. It had a technological/sociopolitical index of 888898-97 and a planetary trade profile of AABBAA/A(B).

Morales had a total surface area of 1,017,882,000 square kilometers and, with 21% land mass, a total land area of 213,755,220 square kilometres. It was made up of 33% normal metals, 8% gemstones, 4% industrial crystals, 3% special minerals and trace quantities of radioactive elements. It had a cool temperate climate with a thick class M terrestrial atmosphere and a 26-hour day (FASA RPG module: The Orions: Book of Common Knowledge).

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