The Morali were a race native to Morales, a planet under the control of the Federation.

They were a humanoid race whose civilization was thought to date back to before the Orion War (beginning 94 BCE, or reference stardate −20/9401.03). They were once relatively advanced, but little else was known about them.

When Orions came and settled Morales, they drove the Morali into the jungles and wastelands. The Morali forgot their culture and language, and began to live like animals. Some reports even claimed that the Morali were being hunted by the Orion settlers.

Starfleet forces discovered this state of affairs during the Four Years War (circa 2250s). In response, the Federation occupied the world and established a military government to temporarily oversee affairs and protect the Morali from Orion exploitation. The plan was to eventually create a more humane government, but Orion society there continued to collapse and threaten the Morali. (FASA RPG module: The Orions: Book of Common Knowledge)

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