The Moray was private a Federation-registered warp four freighter. It was the subject of a simulator scenario at Starfleet Academy.


On its way to Kyzella Outpost, near the Aridanes system it came under attack from Venturi renegades. Its two Type-IV phaser arrays were no match for them, but, when the freighter was crippled, the attackers retreated to deep space for unknown reasons.

USS Banting went for its rescue, but by this time the crew of the Moray had completed their repairs and resumed their delivery. However, the Banting discovered that the Venturi vessel had camouflaged in the nearby asteroids, carrying prepared antimatter charges. The Venturi had secured one on the Moray's hull which would explode when it should dock with the station.

After discovering this, the Banting warned the station and detonation experts went to secure the ship. A Venturi vessel showed up, but it was destroyed by the Banting. (TOS video game: Starfleet Academy Starship Bridge Simulator)

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