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Mordecai Crandall was a young male Human Starfleet officer in the late 24th century. In the 2380s, he served aboard the Federation starship USS Titan as an engineer.


Ensign Crandall was aboard the Titan as early as July in the year 2381 as part of Commander Doctor Xin Ra-Havreii's engineering team. With Ra-Havreii off the ship, Crandall found himself in command of engineering and was tasked with getting the deflector shields and the captain's skiff, La Rocca, on line. (TTN novel: Over a Torrent Sea)

Later in 2381, Crandall performed an EVA survey of the damage inflicted upon the Titan's starboard warp nacelle during an altercation with the Sentry SecondGen Cyan-Gray. (TTN novel: Synthesis)

In late 2382, Crandall became close friends with Torvig Bu-Kar-Nguv while he helped the Choblik try to revive his friend SecondGen White-Blue following his encounter with the Brahma-Shiva device. The two spent two months, from September to November, working together in their free time to restore the Sentry. Crandall sympathised with Torvig's social faux pas and guileless, blunt approach to life, and liked his efficient, problem solving skills. He also enjoyed sharing jokes with Torvig, and considered this time the best he'd had while aboard Titan. (TTN novel: Fallen Gods)

In late September 2385, Crandall was one of a few personnel not on shore leave while the Titan underwent upgrades at McKinley Station. He was on duty in engineering while some of the station engineers had arrived with, and to fit, new components. He was witness to chief engineer Ra-Havreii's tirade at the visiting engineers and, with nothing more than an eye roll, requested Tuvok's help to diffuse the situation when the second officer arrived. He informed the visting Deltan engineering lieutenant commander that the chief engineer was "pretty anal" about his engines, earning Crandall an acidic glare from Ra-Havreii. (The Fall novel: The Poisoned Chalice)

In early 2386, Crandall was working on the dilithium monitoring stage in engineering when Chief Petty Officer Dennisar and his security team burst in following an intruder alert. After an attack by the Solanae, he worked on repairing the deflector shields with Ensign Meldok. He later worked with Torvig and commented on the apparent 'pep talk' given to his friend by Ra-Havreii. (TTN novel: Sight Unseen)


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