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Morg was a Klingon male who served as the Klingon Empire's Ambassador to the United Federation of Planets circa 2267. He fled Klingon space as a political refugee in 2273.


In 2267, Morg replaced Ambassador Wolt, who was recalled after making successful diplomatic strides with the Federation's Ambassador Robert Fox at their neutral meeting place, a Kraetian space station near Federation space. Fox believed Morg was no master of diplomacy and lied poorly. Fox was certain Morg continued diplomatic talks because he was ordered to stall until the Klingon Empire could mobilize for war. Starfleet intercepted a message for Morg to turn Fox's team over to the Klingon Defense Force, and quickly dispatched a rescue shuttle. Morg inquired why an unannounced vessel approached, and Fox lied that his team was being replaced with more experienced negotiators. Fox's team escaped, leaving Morg empty-handed. (TOS - Errand of Fury novels: Seeds of Rage, Demands of Honor)

In 2273, he and his sister Chetar spoke out against the Klingon High Council. In response, both were sentenced to death. They fled from Klingon space aboard an old freighter. They spotted the USS Enterprise near Telos and requested sanctuary. Kirk accepted, gave them quarters, and said he'd take them to the nearest starbase to officially request asylum.

Morg was abrasive while aboard the starship. He insulted Taskul and picked a fight with Pavel Chekov. Although Chekov got a black eye, Morg lost. When he heard that a battlecruiser was approaching, he warned Kirk to flee, stating that no starship had ever beaten a Klingon ship.

Captain Tunzos of the IKS Rakor gave Kirk an hour to surrender the fugitives. Morg and Chetar realized they didn't want to adapt to life in the Federation. They asked Kirk for the Enterprise to block Rakor's line of sight when their transport took off. Before they disembarked, Morg thanked Kirk for believing in them and shook hands with Chekov. Kirk created a ruse so that Morg and Chetar appeared to have been killed. (TOS comic: "Double Bluff")





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