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Morgan Korsmo was a 24th century Human individual who was a career Starfleet officer. He was a classmate of Jean-Luc Picard's at Starfleet Academy. During his later life, Korsmo mused that Picard could attribute his success as a Starfleet captain to Korsmo's own efforts, as their rivalry pushed Picard to succeed.

Following graduation Korsmo rapidly ascended through the ranks, and was promoted to captain shortly before Picard received his own promotion to captain.

As of 2367, he still held the rank of captain, and commanded the USS Chekov. While serving as his first officer, Commander Elizabeth Shelby mused that Korsmo was a good captain, but had a tendency to think too highly of himself, such as believing that he could have made a difference at the Battle of Wolf 359, and had a particular blind spot when it came to his rivalry with Picard.

That year, Korsmo's vessel operated alongside the USS Repulse and USS Enterprise-D in a three-way battle between Starfleet, the Borg, and an ancient "planet-killer". His lack of personal experience with the Borg initially prompted him to consider the possibility of working with the Borg Collective to destroy the planet killer, but Commander Riker's decision to attack the Borg and his crew's subsequent refusal to fire on the Enterprise to stop it forced Korsmo to recognize that he had gone too far. The Chekov was irreparably damaged in this encounter. (TNG novel: Vendetta)

In 2368, Korsmo was given command of the USS Excalibur. He commanded that vessel until 2373, when he was killed in the line of duty against the Borg during the Battle of Sector 001 . (NF - No Limits short story: "Making a Difference")

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