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For the mirror universe counterpart, see Morgen (mirror).

Captain Morgen.

Former Starfleet Captain Morgen of Daa'V was the hereditary leader of his race, the Daa'Vit.


Morgen left his life of nobility and entered Starfleet Academy in the year 2342. He graduated as a Starfleet officer in 2346, and was assigned to the Federation starship USS Stargazer as an ensign, under the command of Jean-Luc Picard.

Morgen quickly proved himself an invaluable addition of the crew. In later years, Picard would recall that, while Morgen only served on the Stargazer for nine years, it almost seemed as if he had always been there.

In 2350, an unsuccessful attempt was made on Morgen's life by longtime Stargazer crewmate, Gerda Asmund. Gerda had been raised by Klingons, a species that bore a long time enimity with the Daa'Vit, and Gerda was unable to suppress her Klingon nature. The attempt was unsuccessful and Gerda was arrested and taken for rehabilitation.

Morgen served on the Stargazer until the vessel's destruction in the year 2355.

Morgen worked his way up through the ranks, and eventually found himself in command of the USS Excalibur. He gained a reputation as an even handed leader that brought out the best in his people. He also displayed considerable tactical and diplomatic skills.

He served as captain of the Excalibur until his father's death in the year 2367, at which point he was required to return home to Daa'V to ascend to the planetary throne. According to Daa'Vit tradition, Morgen was to choose his closest companions to stand at his side as he was crowned as king. He chose his former Stargazer shipmates, including, in an act of forgiveness, Gerda Asmund's twin sister, Idun Asmund.

On the journey to Daa'V on the USS Enterprise-D, attempts were made on the lives of Morgen and several other Stargazer survivors. Evidence seemed to incriminate Idun Asmund for the crimes and she was confined.

Enterprise chief of security, Worf, investigated further and uncovered evidence that the would-be killer was actually former Stargazer chief medical officer, Dr. Carter Greyhorse, who had been having a secret relationship with Gerda Asmund for almost 20 years when she attacked Morgen. Greyhorse was attempting to kill everyone whom he felt had abandoned Gerda and left her to her fate. Idun was cleared of the crime and Morgen insisted that she still stand by his side at his coronation. With Greyhorse now a prisoner and Ben Zoma recovering from his injuries after an earlier assassination attempt, Morgen chose Doctor Beverly Crusher, the widow of his deceased colleague Jack Crusher, and Worf as his new honor guard, despite acknowledge the unconventional choice of bringing a Klingon to Daa'V. (TNG novel: Reunion)

* Date based on Michael Schuster's timeline.



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