The Morhenza were criminal reformants from the Lisqual province on Betrisius III who, during a mid 24th century war, were forced into military service. The word Morhenza was roughly equivalent to "legionnaire" in Federation Standard. Through the use of their neural mediation implants, they were given tactical knowledge, their individual moral and emotional responses overridden, and thousands were sent into combat. Many believed the use of Morhenza was vital to the Lisqual's victory.

Following the war, the thousands of Morhenza were returned to their reformant status, with no time from their wartime service credited to their criminal sentences. Many were used to assist in Betrisius' postwar recovery efforts. By 2377, a full generation after the war, there were 349 former Morhenza still alive and serving as reformants. In that year, Dolanara was able to delete the identification and tracking codes of these individuals, and set them to commit acts of violence against the government, as a way to bring the attention of the United Federation of Planets to the injustices of her government. (CoE eBook: Turn the Page)

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