Dr. Moria Starr was a Human woman, a Federation archaeologist in the 23rd century.


In 2267, Starr was attached to Stephen Mohr's archaeological dig on Heitius VII. When a mummy was unearthed, she was assigned to accompany the USS Enterprise while they transported it to the Federation Alien Life Studies Institute. Before they could do so, the mummy came to life, made its way to engineering and set the ship on an course to another planet, one which would take it through Romulan space. Starr discovered that that the mummy was a cyborg carrying out its mission to save his people by taking them to the stars. When James T. Kirk began carrying out a plan to stop the mummy, she pulled a phaser on him, refusing to let him damage such a valuable scientific find, but Kirk held her off while Montgomery Scott short-circuited the mummy. Later, she apologized to Kirk for her rash actions. (TOS comic: "The Mummies of Heitius VII")



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