The Morvan Falls was a Bajoran vessel. A small battle cruiser with a crew of fifty-eight, it was the largest vessel in a fleet assigned to protect Darane IV. The vessel was commanded by Major Marel.

In 2371, the Morvan Falls lead a fleet of eighty six other vessels to intercept the large vessel that was heading for Darane IV. When the fleet engaged the aliens, several of the Bajoran vessels were destroyed by the monofilament technology, although Marel was able to determine that the aliens required two of their fighters to be in close proximity to use their monofilament technology.

Marel's fleet was unable to stop the destruction of Darane IV and so he set the Morvan Falls on a suicide run against the alien vessel. Benjamin Sisko and the crew of the USS Defiant tried to convince Marel to stop his attack and attempted to slow the vessel with a tractor beam. While the impact of the Morvan Falls with the Hive was prevented, the deliberate antimatter containment breach could not be stopped. Despite Chief O'Brien's efforts to evacuate the ship by transporter, Marel and two thirds of his crew were killed. (DS9 novel: Objective: Bajor)

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