Mosh zelev Sereb was a 23rd century Tellarite Starfleet lawyer who famously had never lost a case. Portly, often seen with a simple leather briefcase, Sereb had a brusque manner and a love of the theatrical, building crucifying examinations of witnesses from seemingly inconsequential questions leading to painful admissions of wrongdoing on theirs or the suspect's part. (VAN novel: Open Secrets)

Sereb was appointed by the Judge Advocate General of Starfleet in 2266 to serve as the prosecutor in the court martial of Commodore Diego Reyes on Starbase 47 ("Vanguard") in the Taurus Reach. Although generally the ranking JAG officer at a site would serve in this role, Captain Rana Desai's admission to the office that she had been in a relationship with Reyes saw the dispatch of Sereb. He would arrive unannounced, after Reyes and her staff had spent a month preparing the prosecution. He immediately enlisted Lieutenant Holly Moyer from Desai's staff as his assistant, although he performed in court alone. When Captain Desai took over as Reyes's defense lawyer, Sereb tested the couple by pretending to offer an amnesty to Reyes, suggesting that Reyes had in fact being operating under illegal orders to keep the danger of the Taurus Reach hidden from Federation civilians. Seeing that his prey would in fact take such a deal, Sereb revealed there was no such deal and that he fully intended to prosecute Reyes for his illegal actions. Sereb ultimately successfully prosecuted Reyes for the commodore's illegal release of classified information. After the trial, Sereb acknowledged Reyes with a respectful gaze before departing. Reyes thought to himself charitably despite his impending ten-year sentence, 'A Tellerite who's a good sport? Now I've seen it all.' Sereb departed the station. (VAN novel: Open Secrets)

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