Mount Kataba was a location on the planet Bajor.

At some point in 2356, Kira Nerys had travelled to the mounains where she used it as a way of escaping her pursuers during the Occupation of Bajor. To help her in the future, she placed a number of markers at points at Kataba to aid her should she ever climb the mountain again.

In 2372, Ro Laren along with Kira Nerys climbed the mountain with the Maquis Ro noting that it was a difficult climb. To the west of it were a number of peaks that were bigger than Kataba whilst to the east were overgrown farmland that stretched to the horizon. (DS9 novel: Wrath of the Prophets)

Kira states that it had been sixteen years since she had been to Kataba which presumably made it 2356 when she was last at the mountain.
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