Mount Ranakar is a mountain in the northern hemisphere of the planet Tezwa. During the Dominion War, Prime Minister Kinchawn allowed a nadion-pulse cannon firebase to be built at a facility on the summit of the mountain as well as at five other locations around the planet.

Piper Team[edit | edit source]

In 2379, a strike team from the USS Enterprise-E consisting of Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge, engineers T'Eama and Wathiongo, and security officer Austin Braddock parachuted through a fog and landed at a plateau two hundred meters below the summit. Wathiongo's parachute caught on the rock face and he crashed through a forest canopy, dying before he could be returned to the Enterprise. The other three members of Piper team climbed to the summit and entered the base through an emergency exit built into the ground, as tachyon spill from the base prevented the use of gravity boots. La Forge was able to reprogram the pulse cannons causing them to shoot at the Tezwan ships. The base was then destroyed before Piper team returned to the Enterprise. (TNG novel: A Time to Kill)

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