The Mozinphar family was an Orion clan and the leaders of the Orion Colony on Ectair. The senior member of the family was the Master of Ectair.

The family was founded as a dynasty by Emerak Mozinphar, a former pirate captain and slave trader, who fled the Rigel system following the first crackdown by the Federation and the ensuing chaos. He led several starships and their crews, and they identified themselves as political refugees. In reference stardate 1/9609, Emerak discovered and named Mozinphar's Star in the area of space known as the Outback, and he and his people had settled on the fourth world, Ectair, by stardate 2/0001. Emerak became Ectair's first Master, and developed it into a neutral and independent free trade-world.

Emerak was later instrumental in negotiating the Treaty of Ectair between the United Federation of Planets, the Romulan Empire and Ectair on stardate 2/1810.21.

Upon his death sometime before stardate 2/2306, he was succeeded by his son, Amehda Mozinphar, who proved to be a significantly less capable leader. He lacked his father's leadership and skills, and soon proved to be incompetent, selfish and unscrupulous, easily dominated by Ectair's business leaders and more concerned with luxury and the trappings of power. However, he ruled the world as a tyrant with absolute authority. (FASA RPG module: A Doomsday Like Any Other)



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