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Niburon vicinity.

Mu Ceti (also known as 87 Ceti and Niburon) is a multiple star system, located in the galaxy's Alpha Quadrant.

History and specifics

Mu Ceti is visible from the Sol system, 84 light-years distant, in the constellation of Cetus. The Mu Ceti star group consists of four stars, one of which is the primary of the Malcor system, which is in close proximity to the Garth system. One of the stars in Mu Ceti is the location of the planet Niburon, site of the Niburon colonies. Some of the Niburon colony settlements were founded as Suliban refuge camps.

System makeup

Mu Ceti A, Mu Ceti B, Mu Ceti C, Mu Ceti D quadrinary star
  • Malcor system
  • Niburon colony system



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On the large Federation map in ST reference: Star Charts, Mu Ceti was listed as Niburon, but another page showed the system noted as being Malcor system. Since this star has four stellar components, it is feasible both planetary systems are within this larger star group.

However, in the TNG episode: "First Contact", Deanna Troi tells Mirasta Yale that her homeworld is two-thousand light-years from Earth. If that is accurate, then Malcor III's homestar would not be Mu Ceti.


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