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Mu Leonis A is a star located in the Mu Leonis star system, inside Federation space. It is the location of the planet Ardana, homeworld of the Ardanans.

  • Mu Leonis A (primary)
    • Mu Leonis A I
    • Mu Leonis A II
      • One moon
    • Mu Leonis A III (Ardana)
      • One moon
ST reference: The Worlds of the Federation claims Ardana has no moons.

Astronomical data

Mu Leonis A is a Class K star with a magnitude of +4.1.

The Worlds of the Federation defines Mu Leonis A as a red star in a binary star system.

Mu Leonis A I is a Class C world where maximum temperatures can reach 800 degrees Fahrenheit.

Mu Leonis A II is a Class D planet.

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