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"Much Ado About Boimler" is the 7th episode of Lower Decks.


Mariner tries to impress her best friend from Starfleet Academy who is now a visiting captain. Boimler is sent to a Starfleet medical ship after a transporter accident puts him "out of phase".


Log entries

First officer's log.
An elite team from the Cerritos has been selected by Admiral Syltrack to liaise with a Pisepian agricultural colony in disputed territory. Captain Freeman, Shaxs, and myself have been enlisted to join the mission due to our expertise in the germination of Rulot seeds. In our absence, the Cerritos will receive a temporary transfer of command to a visiting captain.
Visiting captain's log, stardate 57752.6.
The Cerritos is en route to the planet Khwopa to perform a repair of the water filtration system. Once completed, we will rendezvous with the USS Rubidoux.
Captain's log.
The evacuation of the USS Rubidoux was a success, thanks to the quick thinking of the Cerritos crew. While the exact classification of this space entity eludes us, we believe it to be peaceful, in search of a home.



Anthony (24th century)BarnesBradward BoimlerCaseyBarnesDayton (Captain)CaseyDahaeThe DogDurga (Lieutenant)Ellis (Cerritos)Carol FreemanJennaBeckett MarinerMerpPhibeasDrew PrachettAmina RamseyJack RansomRossSam RutherfordSanderson (Lieutenant)ShaxsJennifer sh'ReyanT'AnaD'Vana TendiThe DogOttessa Warrenunnamed USS Cerritos personnel (USS Cerritos personnel) • unnamed Starfleet personnel (medical patients)
Referenced only
Edward JellicoSaul RubichikSyltrack

Starships and vehicles

carUSS CerritosUSS OslerUSS Rubidouxtype-6A shuttlecraft
Referenced only
USS Oakland


Endicronimas V ("The Farm")
Referenced only
EarthKhwopaOrionSan Francisco Bay

Races and cultures

AndorianBajoranHumanKhwopianMerp's speciesOrionTriexianTrillVulcan
Referenced only

States and organizations

Division 14StarfleetStarfleet AcademyStarfleet Medicaltime travel police

Science and classification

accelerated growthairlockartificial gravitycombadgecudgeldelta radiationelectricityenvironmental suitlong-range scannermagnetic bootmedical tricordermillicochranePADDphase coilphaser riflephasingphoton torpedoquarantinereverse agingsextantsubsonic pulseswordtransportertricordertype-2 phaservalveVISORwater filtrationwheelchair

Ranks and titles

admiralcaptaincommanding officerensignfirst officerkingmedical specialistnumber onenurseofficerprofessortraitor

Other references

acid refluxagriculturealienbananabarbeambogbookbridgebutterflycarboncargo baycellcinnamon rollcolonyconference roomcorridorcrewDNAdogeggengineeringfirst contactfuneralgemgrassgymnasiumhorsejiujitsulifeformlightningmedicalminutemitochondriamonthmusicalmutinynebulaneutrinopineappleplanetplasmaprotein (Cas9) • quartersratready roomred alertreplicaRulotsciencescorpionsecondseedsickbaysleepspaspacespacewalksporeStarfleet uniform (early 2380s)suntime traveltransporter roomwaterzero gravity



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