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Log entries

Captain's log, Stardate 8932.3
Despite all our efforts to prevent it, the Enterprise has been drawn across uncharted space to a bizarre planet that appears to be ruled by an-- ah-- friend of ours...
Captain's log, Stardate 8932.4, Executive Officer Sulu reporting
Well, things have just gone from terrible to worse...
Not only is the
Enterprise held captive around an uncharted planet, but we've just learned our captor may be...
Captain's log, Stardate 8932.7, Executive Officer Sulu reporting
I think I finally understand the true meaning of nightmare...
Among other things, the ship's main saucer now resembles a medieval castle, like something out of Robin Hood...
And the crew...
Oh, how am I ever going to explain all this to the captain?
Science log, Stardate 8932.7. Science Officer Spock reporting
We have found the ruins filled with ancient hieroglyphics carved in an alien hand...
Captain's log, supplemental
As he has with so many other being, Spock has joined his mind to that of the artifact, revealing the history of the Federation--
-- Its sum and substance. Its triumphs and failures--
-- It's very universality--
-- until, at last...
Captain's log, Stardate 8933.1
With communications to the Enterprise once more restored, I have ordered a landing party beamed down--
-- To help take care of a few last-minute details...
Captain's log, Stardate 8935.3
The visitor I summoned has finnaly arrived...



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