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Publisher's description[]

After millennia of warfare, the planets Prastor and Distrel may have finally achieved a lasting peace. Investigating on behalf of the Federation, Captain Kirk is shocked to find out that the architect of the peace is none other than that notorious con artist, Harcourt Fenton Mudd!

Mudd claims to be a changed man, but Kirk has his doubts. He knows that Mudd has to be running some sort of scam, but what is he up to? Kirk must find out soon -- before the peace gives way to unending war.


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Fareen Berg Gren Orondo ArnitasMesparth El Vuk Cevich BenatBradyPavel ChekovGordenJolleyJames T. KirkLebrunLeonard McCoyMistraeHarry MuddSimon NordellJanice RandMontgomery ScottSpockStanleyStellaTyersNyota UhuraVagleWolfe
Referenced only 
Ginn DonanAbraham Lincoln

Starships and vehicles[]

USS Enterprise (Constitution-class)


Distrelthe galaxyNevis systemPrastor
Referenced only 
Deneb VEminiar VIIVendikarVulcan

Races and cultures[]

Human (Russian) • Nevisian (DistrellianPrastorian) • Vulcan
Referenced only 

States and organizations[]

Commonwealth of NevisStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only 
Vulcan Planetary Security

Science and technology[]

activation controlalienandroidbinary nerve toxincamerachandeliercommunicationscommunicatorcomputergalaxyhairhearthourhumanoidinchmedical scannerminutenerve toxinpetalpoisonradiorainsubspacetimetransportertransporter platformtricorderviewscreenwall monitor

Ranks and titles[]

captainchaperonecommunications officercon manconsultantdoctorensignGrand General of DistrellieutenantnavigatorofficerPadishah of Prastorphysicianpiratepolitical advisorpresidentschoolteachersoldierspytransporter officer

Other references[]

applebanquet hallbeltbowlbreadcakecapital offenseclothingcorridorcourtcravatcrystaldata piracydeath penaltyDenebian slime devildiplomacydressdress uniformeconomyemotionextinctionflowerfoodforgeryfruitfuguglovegodgovernmenthaberdasheryhandlebar mustacheI'danian spice puddingjacketjuiceKlingonlanding partylanguagelogicmeatmillennianecklaceorangepalacePalko bushPalko fruitparadepastrypennypiracyplanetpoundPrime Directivepuffer fishquartersropeSaurian brandysmugglingStarfleet uniformswordtechnologythefttransmission logtransporter roomwarwarrantweaponweekyear


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