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The only man who can end an interplanetary war is ... Harry Mudd?Mudd in Your Eye is a TOS novel by Jerry Oltion. Published in January 1997, it is the 81st numbered book in Pocket Books' series of numbered TOS novels. The story takes place in 2268, between the events of TOS episode & Mudd's Angels novelization: I, Mudd and TAS episode & Log Three novelization: Mudd's Passion.


After millennia of warfare, the planets Prastor and Distrel may have finally achieved a lasting peace. Investigating on behalf of the Federation, Captain Kirk is shocked to find out that the architect of the peace is none other than that notorious con artist, Harcourt Fenton Mudd!
Mudd claims to be a changed man, but Kirk has his doubts. He knows that Mudd has to be running some sort of scam, but what is he up to? Kirk must find out soon — before the peace gives way to unending war.


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AludraFareen Berg Gren Orondo ArnitasMesparth El Vuk Cevich BenatBradyPavel ChekovCiprianaGordenHadockJolleyKenanJames T. KirkLeslie LebrunLeonard McCoyMistraeHarry MuddNarineSimon NordellJanice RandRuschMontgomery ScottSmithSpockStanleyStellaStella MuddTyersNyota UhuraVagleWolfe
Referenced only
BischoffGinn DonanMikhail GorbachevGodsCharles LealeAbraham LincolnRomanov

Starships and vehicles

USS Enterprise (Constitution-class heavy cruiser) • interceptorshuttlecrafttransport
Referenced only
flagshipUSS O'Halloran


the galaxyArnhallDistrel (Gods' Eye ShrineGrand Palace of Distrel) • Nevis systemPrastor (KelsoKelso spaceportNovanar) • Hoffman system (York III)
Referenced only
Andromeda GalaxyDeneb VDuvalEminiar VIIMarsMuddSilva VVendikarVenusVulcan

Races and cultures

Human (RomanRussianJapanese) • Nevisian (DistrellianPrastorian) • Vulcan
Referenced only

States and organizations

Commonwealth of NevisCouncil of HeroesStarfleetStarfleet AcademyStarfleet CommandUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only
Vulcan Planetary Security

Science and classification

activation controlalienandroidartificial gravityautopilotbiobedbombcamerachandeliercircuitryclass M planetcommunicationscommunicatorcomputerconfinement beamconfinement fieldcoordinatesdisruptorexplosiveforce fieldfusionGod's Eyeshelmhoming devicehypersonic cleanerhyposprayintercomklystron modulatorlaserlong distance transportermanaclesmedikitmedscannermemory banknerve toxinpattern bufferphase transition coilphaserpoisonpower generatorpower packprotoplaserradioreplicatorresurrection transporterrobotscannersensorsensor arrayshield generatorshieldssubspace communicationsubspace radioswordtechnologytime machinetractor beamtransmission logtransportertransporter platformtricorderturboliftviewscreenwall monitorwarp drivewarp engine

Materials and substances


Foods and beverages

breadcakeCetian laliskafoodfruitfugugarlicI'danian spice puddingjuicemeatorangePalko fruitpastrySaurian brandywater


appleanimalcatchickencrocodileDenebian slime devildogflowerPalko bushpuffer fishrabbitsmeerptreewasp


beltclothingcravatdressdress uniformglovehaberdasheryjacketjewelrykiltnecklace

Units of measurement

centurydecadehourinchkilometerlight yearmillenniaminutenanosecondsecondweekyear

Ranks and titles

admiraladvocateambassadorassassinbodyguardbureaucratcadetcaptainchaperonechief engineerchief medical officercommunications officercon manconsultantczardaggerdoctorensignfirst officerGrand General of DistrelguardhelmsmaninstructorjudgekinglieutenantnavigatorofficerPadishah of Prastorphysicianpiratepolitical advisorpresidentPresidentschoolteachersecurity officersergeantsoldierspytransporter officerwitchyeoman

Other references

A Midsummer Night's Dreamalert status (red alertyellow alert) • alienangeratmospherebanquet hallbeambinary starbowlbraceletbridgebridge crewbustcapital offensecaptain's chaircastlecaverncitycoinconference roomcoronationcorridorcourtcourt martialdata piracydeathdeath penaltydiplomacydivorcedueleconomyemotionengineeringEnglish languageepidemicexecutionexileextinctionfiring squadfirst contactforgerygalaxygodgovernmenthandlebar mustachehandshakeheartheart attackheavenhistoryhonorhotelhumanoidimmune systemKlingon languagelanding partylanguagelegendlogiclovemapmarriagemeditationmemorymilitarymoneynebulaneonNevisian languageNevisian Stasis Syndromeobservation loungeorbitpalaceparadepeace treatypennypiracyplanetpoundPrime DirectivequadrantquarantinequartersrageregistryreligionropesectorsecurityshuttlebaysickbaySOSsmugglingspaceportstar systemstarshipStarfleet uniform (2265-2270)stunsubspacesuicidetelepathythefttransporter roomtribunaltrumpetuniversevacuumwarwarp factor (warp onewarp three) • warrantwedding


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