A mugato attacks Commander Krell

The Mugato (Pongidae theropoda) are a simian-like anthropoid that inhabited some regions on the planet Neural.

They are large and intimidating creatures that reach up to 2.2 meters tall and are covered by a coat of thick white fur, except for their hands and face, and large thick horns that protrude from the top of their heads, and smaller horns that stretch down their backs to balance their tail. They also have strong teeth and fangs, which contain a venom that can be lethal to many species, including Humans. (TOS episode: "A Private Little War"; TOS reference: Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual)

Captain Daniel Okagawa was unfamiliar with the animal after Commodore Diego Reyes warned Orion merchant prince Ganz, "Screw with the mugato, you're getting the horn." (SCE eBook: Distant Early Warning) By the later part of the 23rd century, however, it was a common insult to say Klingons didn't have the brainstem of a Mugato. (TOS comic: "The Ashes of Eden")

Surface of Neural, Gray showing Mugato Habitat

In 2369, the Changeling Meta transformed into a mugato while fighting Odo. Meta stabbed Odo with his Mugato horn and Odo reverted to his natural form. (DS9 novel: The Siege)

There was one example of an intelligent Mugato. This was Janos, a Mugato who was genetically engineered by a mad scientist and became intelligent. He entered Starfleet, serving aboard the USS Excalibur and later the USS Excalibur-A as an Ensign. However, his intelligence finally deteriorated, leading him to murder fellow crewmember Gleau. (NF novels: House of Cards, Stone and Anvil)

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