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Barely escaping the forces of Klingon Security, Worf, Riker and Kurn must now survive the dangers of the Nothra jungles in a deadly race to reach the rebel stronghold of Shadowheart.

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Log Entries

First Officer's Log
Personal. I did'nt like Ibtoc-- but I'll miss him. After all he knew this jungle better than any of us. Still, we'll go on without him-- and thank our lucky stars that we can.
First Officer's Log
Mister Worf has changed since we entered this jungle. He seem more fierce, more alien, as time goes on. it's as if we're approaching not only the heart of this jungle, but the heart of Worf's own personal darkness. And there have been physical changes as well. Worf's bigger bulkier... stronger. Hell, he was strong enough to free his brother from the serpent that killed Ibtoc. Could this be effect of the jungle gases he's been exposed to-- gases which Kurn and myself are protected by our containment suits? If that's the case, there's no telling where the effect will end. I can't help but fear for Worf and for myself and Kurn as well. Because if Worf's ferocity gets out of hand, he could be as deadly as anything else in this jungle. Not that Kurn has been a barrel of laughs either. He's taken every opportunity to remind worf that he has only one responsibility-- the termination of the Nothrani revolt. And as for the madman who's leading it in the guise of Shadowheart... also known as Nikolai Rozhenko... Kurn couldn't care lees if he lives or dies. Worf remain's silent on the subject-- torn between his loyalties to his Klingon brother-by-blood and his human brother-by-chance. But below the surface, he anything but silent. I'd bet my life on that.



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