Mycena was a planetoid, a moon in orbit of Theta Eridani II, and was located in the Theta Eridani system within the Azure sector of the galaxy's Beta Quadrant.

History and specifics[edit | edit source]

Mycena was an icy world with snowy hills and billowing windstorms. The moon once supported a race of extinct Mycenans who left behind advanced technology. It had a breathable atmosphere.

In the 22nd century, a team of scientists clandestinely established a Mycena outpost in a cavern 1.3 kilometers underground and continued their work on the Hester Project, an initiative that had been discontinued by the Federation Council.

53 years later, the starship USS Endeavor orbited Mycena and picked up Hester, but the ship's crew were killed by non-corporeal test subjects from the project's failed prototype transporter. Janet Hester was killed when her shuttle Kepler crashed near the outpost.

In 2273, After locating Endeavor adrift in the Theta Eridani system, a landing party from the USS Enterprise explored Mycena and encountered the non-corporeal entities as well as a mammoth-sized Mycena creature. (TOS comic: "Experiment in Vengeance!")

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