N'Kal was male Vulcan master.

In the later years of his life N'Kal developed Bendii syndrome. In an attempt to try and cure him, his followers attempted to develop a cure by modifying Borg nanoprobes, unfortunately the experiment went badly wrong and the Borg desire to spread their will combined with N'Kal's desire for pure logic but lack of control to create the Wardens.

In charge of the Wardens N'Kal quickly spread nanites throughout the galaxy spreading the will of pure logic and sending illogical races into civil war to rid the galaxy of them. The Wardens had a significant presence in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants before the crew of the USS Incursion were able to track them down to Vulcan.

An away team from the Incursion infiltrated N'Kal's base and reprogrammed the nanites to free the galaxy's population, freed from the nanites N'Kal was exposed to the full force of his Bendii syndrome and collapsed in a fit of emotion with all his mental blocks gone. (ST video game: Away Team)

The concept of a Vulcan whose logic was mixed with Borg perfectionism is similar to the concept in Legacy with the character T'Uerell.
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