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The NCC-1000 was a Federation Starfleet starship in service in the late-22nd or 23rd centuries, she was a member of the Bonaventure-class, a newly advanced class of starship that followed on from the success of the NX-class. At some point in her service the NCC-1000 spent time at a near by space station above a planet. (ST reference: Ships of the Line)


The NCC-1000’s first, and so far only, appearance was in the 2006 Ships of the Line calendar, in an image titled "Starfleet Proving Grounds", by the artist Meni. The image was later reprinted in the Ships of the Line book, with accompanying text identifying the class name.

The image is printed in the Star Trek: Enterprise-era section of the Ships of the Line book, and described as a radical step up from the NX-class. The design also uses familiar elements from the Constitution-class. Thus the ship could feasibly have been in service somewhere between the early days of the Federation in the latter half of the 22nd century, before the Constitution-class entered service in the early-23rd century.

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